Working at home without any worries


Flexibility is expected from everyone regardless of the work you do. When you left the building, the research stopped, but this is no longer the case. Nowadays, virtually everyone is taking home their jobs. And this makes it more dangerous because it makes it easier to hack company data.


Great care is taken in your company to ensure that your data is secure and accessible. But can you be so sure outside of the office? The security of that data is uncontrolled at home or at work.


Keep your data secure Maybe you never knew it, but if someone takes the data home from your company, the data may be more vulnerable to hacking. The flexibility that makes it possible to work at home is also a reason why you need to be more careful. With all the recent cyber-attacks and our (online) privacy we talk about every day, we are becoming more and more aware of the online dangers.


You’re most likely connected to your Wi-Fi, even if you’re not actually on the internet for your work. It means that you are still online, regardless of whether you are using the internet. And as a result, hackers can break into your files.


Many employers and staff like the opportunity to work at home. This does not change, as a Virtual Private Network is the solution to the online hazards. When you’re working at home, using a VPN will shut down all of the world’s online dangers!


Why is a VPN?

Online security and anonymity are provided by a Virtual Private Network. This ensures that even sensitive information can be sent securely when you activate a VPN. A Virtual Private Network means that your link is always secured and that only useless characters can be seen by the hackers. All you send is encrypted through a secure tunnel.


You use a VPN to be anonymous and secure online. It’s an important aspect to protect your data. Therefore, choosing a VPN service that does not save your information is really important. There are VPN providers that monitor your online activities and keep a log. This still doesn’t make your data completely safe. RitaVPN is a Virtual Private Network with no log rule, which means you will not have to report your online activities. No outsider will see all the information you use during your job.

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