What’s the Difference Between Tor and VPN?

Surveillance and hacking techniques have increased, forcing Internet users to think about privacy. In addition, they are looking for software that allows them to work around restrictions and access almost any online content. The services they can do with this include Tor and VPN. However, an average Internet user can not tell the difference between Tor and VPN.

Both of these software allows users to access the content while the IP address remains hidden. However, these functions distinguish Tor and VPN from each other.

What Is Tor?

Tor is an internet browser which transfers the activities of a user through a secure channel and makes the browsing history anonymous for ISP. It gives you the access to internet freedom which normally a user doesn’t have it.


How does VPN works?

The use of VPN involves connecting to a server operated by the VPN provider over an encrypted connection. This means that all information transferred between your computer and the VPN server is encrypted so that only the VPN server and you can see it.

VPN works in three steps: authentication, tunneling, and encryption. In the first step, data packets are packaged that hide the identity of the data packets.

The VPN server is requested by sending a hello to which it acknowledges and enters user credentials to clarify the authenticity of the user.

After the Authentication step next is tunneling which consists of an imaginary tunnel providing point to point connection. Any kind of data can be sent via this tunnel. Successful creation of the tunnel is now capable of transferring data which is encrypted.

The VPN’s provider IP address becomes your IP address to whenever you will visit a website it will show VPN’s providers IP address leaving no trace of your identity. Your identity can only reveal if you transmit any personal information such as when you visit social networking sites.


To make this article clearer, let us tell you that if you want to browse anonymously then the recommendation for you is Tor. While if you are looking for enhanced and advanced privacy to secure your data from hackers, malware, and identity thieves’ then a recommendation for you is a VPN service.

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