What’s New on Disney Plus in December 2019 You Shouldn’t Miss This

2020 is drawing near. At the end of 2019, many major streaming service providers are releasing a large amount of high-quality content, especially the newly released Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus. For instance, “See,” “For All Mankind,” “The Mandalorian,” “The End of The F***ing World Season 2” and so on.

At its release, Disney Plus receives a lot of attention. There will be a lot of shows and films on Disney Plus in December. Let’s see what’s new you shouldn’t skip.


SparkShorts, a short film series, was set for experimental animation. It was designed to encourage artists to be creative, explore new techniques of storytelling, and experiment with new workflows, as well as find new filmmakers at Pixar, according to Jim Morris.

It allows all Pixar employees to take part in as long as they have a good idea. The organization will provide financial support without any interference or limitations to these creative artists. But within six months they need to finish the work. Such short films require innovation in storytelling style and technique.

Six short films, including “Purl,” “Smash and Grab,” “Kitbull,” “Float,” “Wind” and “Loop” have been announced. On the official YouTube channel of Pixar, “Purl,” “Smash and Grab” and “Kitbull” were released and gain a lot of praise. All of them are now available on Disney Plus. On November 12, 2019, the fourth short film “Float” debuted at Disney Plus. As for the other two, on December 13, 2019 and January 10, 2020, they will be released on Disney Plus.

While these stories are short, profound meanings are revealed. Come and watch your favorite one.


Purl is a yarn ball that has just become the staff of a company. She wants to join her coworkers as quickly as possible. But she’s still ignored by them after she tries to fit in. Therefore, by dressing and acting like a human, she changed herself completely. One day, there came another yarn ball, Lacy. Purl asks if she should continue to cater to the public or befriend Lacy to find her true self.

Smash and Grab

It is the story of two robots on the futuristic train. They are good friends and they support each other to flee the train. This is a short film in the WALL-E style. You’re going to be touched by the Smash-Grab friendship.


A stray kitten has met a domesticated pit bull. The cat was scared of the dog that was a stranger to him at first. Gradually, while playing together, they became good friends. The kitten helped the pit bull to escape from his owner. Then, they became a pair of stray friends. Eventually, a kind couple adopted both of them.


A father discovers that his son can fly, which is different from others. Even though the father tries to hide from other people the ability of his son to fly, it is made public. He must, therefore, make a decision: escape all this or accept his son.


A boy is stuck in a crater deep inside the Earth with his grandmother. They must find a way to return to the Earth’s surface. To make a rocket, they use tethers every day to try to get every floating rock. They’ll be able to get out of the crater with the rocket.


A boy is late for the canoe ride of his summer camp. He is going to the canoe ride with an autistic girl, which would be a big challenge for him. Would you like to know how he helps the girl on a canoe ride? Come see what’s going on.

Pick of the Litter

Pick of the Litter is a television series inspired by the film version released in 2018. The film of the same name is a documentary. On December 20, 2019, the new TV show will be available on Disney Plus.

As for the storyline, it is going to tell the story of three male and three female dogs. It’s Paco, Pacino, Tulane, Raffi, Tartan and Amara. You shouldn’t miss this series if you’re really curious about how a little dog becomes a guide dog for the blind. These dogs are lovely and I can’t wait to see their performance in growing and training. You’ll also learn more about how their trainers are helping them to become a good blind guide dog.

One Day At Disney

One Day At Disney is a film created by Disney to tell the story of Disney workers around the world.

In Florida, Taiwan, Hong Kong, California, Paris, and Tokyo, there are six Disney resorts. In total, the world has twelve Disney parks. Have you ever wondered who built the resorts, produced the stories and created the magic when you get shocked everywhere at Disneyland with the magic? This film is going to show you what’s happening behind the scenes. You will experience the day of hard work in Disney people’s inspiring life through the 52 episodes.

The duration of each episode is five to seven minutes. It will be released weekly on Disney Plus for the first time on December 3, 2019.

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