What is the Best VPN to Unblock Adult Sites?

In several countries around the world, online pornography is prohibited by law. It is illegal to watch porn in such countries and could result in a fine or imprisonment. In other countries, it’s just limited. For example, in China, pornography pages are blocked by the country’s ISPs, but the government does not intend to prosecute those who access banned websites by bypassing the geo-restrictions.

It is quite common that Internet users access adult sites for porn. Millions of people go to adult websites every day. Some people worry that others might find out they’re watching porn. As a result, they want to hide their online activities from others.

Visit adult sites in an incognito window

Many users use their browser’s incognito or private mode to access adult sites. This mode is very useful in stopping others who have access to your local devices from view your browsing history. It can clear your browsing history, cache, downloads and cookies immediately after you close the window.

But your online activity is still accessible to your Internet service providers and government who will monitor you online. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns the IP address to you and has access to your online activities. Capturing your data packets is easy for hackers and online packet sniffers if they know your IP address. So, you’re not completely hidden. But there’s a common way to hide your identity online and be anonymous.

Hide your IP address with a VPN

How do you change your IP address so that you can access blocked adult sites and hide your online activities from online spies?

Nowadays, it is quite easy to stay anonymous and secure on the Internet. It is known that the IP address is the identity of each Internet user. So, you can switch your IP addresses by using a VPN.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts online traffic and redirects data from a remote server to any place you choose. Using a VPN prohibits the government, supervisor, school staff, or Internet service provider from monitoring the sites you access. Besides, you can unblock your favorite porn sites with a VON service. One of the most trusted and secured VPN services is RitaVPN, which, by encrypting your data, actually hides your online identity.

Why you need a VPN for porn?

A VPN encrypts traffic through the protected tunnel by routing it. No one can access your online activities and real physical location. When you live in countries where pornography is illegal, this is handy. If you’re visiting any of these countries and you’ve got to access the internet, it’s suggested to use a VPN service to avoid a legal issue.

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It’s also dangerous to visit porn websites, and you’re not completely safe there. Through the saved cookies, these sites can track you, and the annoying pop-ups can also penetrate your browsers. If you already have an ad blocker and antivirus software installed on your computer, it would be better for your safety to get the best porn VPN.

There is another reason to hide your identity apart from the above reasons. No one should know what you are doing at the moment; no one has the right without your permission to control your online activities. Many ISPs and forums share with security agencies, marketers, and insurance companies your personal information and interests. These ad companies know about something about you that you want to keep it only to yourself. Use a VPN service and don’t let anyone monitor you.

Your roommates, colleagues, and family members are no longer able to monitor your browsing history if you connect to a VPN.

The best VPN for porn

Some of the key features that make a VPN the best for you to access adult sites are as follows.


Protection against hackers is the primary function of using a VPN service. Your data packets should not be detected by anyone. Therefore, when choosing a VPN service, the best option is to refer to other users’ reviews and comments.


Nobody wants video buffering, especially adult video buffering. When videos take extra time to buffer, you can’t enjoy the videos you want to watch. So you should get a fast speed from a VPN.

Server Network

Connecting to a server that best suits you based on your location is easier. RitaVPN will automatically find the best VPN server for you. If you are connected to a nearby server, you can play the videos without buffer.


RitaVPN shields you from hackers and protects your privacy online at low prices. Watch any content you like and visit any adult site you like as RitaVPN changes your IP address and you’re going to be anonymous on the Internet. What’s more, you can unblock other streaming websites like Hulu and Netflix as well.

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