Speedtest VPN – the Built-in Free VPN Service Offered by Speedtest App

Since the advent of the Web, websites and Internet users have grown rapidly. Millions of users now connect to the Internet to keep tabs with all of the world’s new things. As the Internet is full of threats, more and more people are also worried about their online security and privacy. A good VPN service (a virtual private network) is designed to help them.

A VPN that works on your computer reroutes through the VPN connection all of this device’s traffic data. This will keep the snooping eyes from discovering who you are and what you are doing on the Internet.

Although many successful VPNs such as RitaVPN already exist, many developers still enter the market to provide VPN services. For example, Cloudflare has introduced a VPN service named Warp that works on Android and iOS devices; to further monetize Firefox, Mozilla has launched a Firefox Private Network that protects your online activity from hackers, internet trackers and your ISP.

Speedtest, one of the best speed test providers, has also begun integrating VPN technology into its mobile apps. It is only the preview version of the VPN service offered by Speedtest.

What is the Speedtest?

Speedtest, owned and maintained by Ookla, is one of the top-notch speed test services that you could find. Speedtest has a wide range of servers for reliable speed testing. However, if you don’t want to mess with that, Speedtest will automatically select the server nearest to you (based on your IP address) once you click on the “GO” button. Speedtest also saves your Internet speed test history so that you can compare the results later. For all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS), Speedtest is available. Speedtest.net is one of the best websites for free online speed tests.

What’s the Speedtest VPN?

Speedtest VPN is currently still in the beta phase. The Speedtest app’s newly added free VPN functionality is only the beta version.

How does it work?

The functioning principle of Speedtest VPN is very similar to other VPNs. It will build a tunnel between your phone and its server when you run it on your device. It is the duty of the tunnel that is secured by encryption to transmit your data. In this way, keeping a track of you on the Internet is difficult for your ISP, the government and other spies. Unblocking websites is another feature provided by Speedtest VPN, which is the same as other VPN providers.

Is it free?

Now, because it is in beta, Speedtest allows you to use its free VPN service without a subscription. You get free access to up to 2 GB of data per month via Speedtest VPN.

A paid package with no data limits is planned to be provided in the near future.


It will redirect all of your IPv4 traffic data via the VPN connection when using Speedtest VPN. To protect the VPN connection, Speedtest uses encryption technology.

Because Speedtest VPN is included in Speedtest’s Android and iOS devices, you can install the Speedtest app on your phone to use it. If you’re a Speedtest user, you can get extra protection while using the speed test service. In the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, the Speedtest app is available.

Speedtest VPN users have access to more than 40,000 IP addresses around the world. That’s a lot of IP addresses.

It also keeps a no-logs policy. That is to say, no user data will be recorded.


It seems, however, that compared to most VPNs, it has nothing different. And there are not many of this latest feature’s details. What’s worse, more features and higher security protections are provided by many other VPNs.

It is only accessible to mobile users as Ookla is not bringing it to Speedtest’s desktop and web version. While on the major platforms, many successful VPNs like RitaVPN are accessible.

In addition, only a single connection is enabled by one Speedtest VPN account. But simultaneous communication is an important factor to consider when choosing a VPN.

Although Ookla gives you free access to its VPN service, there is a monthly limit of 2 GB. And any data used will be included in the 2 GB limit when the Speedtest is on.

Another downside is that your real location limits the VPN servers that are available to you.


To some degree, if you are going to use a free VPN service, Speedtest VPN is a better choice. In fact, you are not being suggested to use any free VPN service. Many reputable VPNs are more worthy of your payment. Please try one of the best VPNs here – RitaVPN.

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