How to Stay Safe While Using Omegle?

On March 25, 2009, Leif K-Brooks, 18, made an unusual innovation and named it Omegle to the world of online communication. Omegle is an online service that allows two strangers to chat.

Omegle has grown to be one of the best sites with a stranger to start a random online contact. Omegle quickly became popular as a ground for online crime and cybercrime because it doesn’t require a user to create an account or provide any personal details.

How can I use Omegle?

With an Internet connection, Omegle can be accessed from any computer. There are two ways for you to access Omegle. It can be reached either through the official website or through the iOS app. Omegle is for users above 13. Users under the age of 18 (but over the age of 13) could use it under the guidance of their parents.

The user selects text or video to start chatting on Omegle after opening the app or website. A little test may be a pop-up to find out if the user is human or spambots, but most of the time this is not done. We are easily matched with another random user once the user transfers the text, and the chat starts.

It can be a lot of fun while chatting on Omegle, but it can also be very unsafe. It is a hub for many dangerous activities with the presence of many cybercriminals and people looking for cybersex.

Omegle offers features other than random text and video chat. Users will tailor the interests of the people they want to meet. There is also a spy mode, where a user is dropping a question for two strangers and watching them discuss it. If a user has email address, after verification, the user can participate in the chat of the college students. Last but not least, and most dangerously, you are likely to find adult content in the adult and unmoderated video sections.

What users concern most is how to use the amazing features of Omegle without coming across cybercriminals, bots, and horny users as they are called.

How to stay safe on Omegle while chatting?

Omegle was created for fun, which is evident from their description: “a great way to meet new friends”. As a user connected to another random user, it is highly likely that users may encounter a bot or other unwanted users. Here are a couple of tips to find safe Omegle users.

  1. Do not share personal information

It is not only a security tip for people on Omegle but also everywhere on the Internet. Numerous snoopers are searching for personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. These snoopers may pose as regular users and steal information from other users.

  1. Do not click the links from unknown sources

Most cyber crooks approach Omegle with the intention of installing malware on the computer of an innocent victim once the link is clicked, downloading the malware and causing damage to the computer. It may also be a fake link copying a reputable company and encouraging a user to sign in, stealing login information from the user in the process.

  1. Never provideASL

ASL is short for age, sex, and location. Many Omegle users (those who are searching for instant communication) use it popularly. Unless the task of a consumer is identical, ASL should be equal to disconnecting instantly.

  1. Add your interests

It would be easier for you to find the desired user to chat on Omegle if you add your interests. Users should enter their interests under the “What do you wanna talk about” to make Omegle a safer and healthier place to be.

  1. Do not agree to an offline meeting

Omegle is designed for fun and many other things, but it wasn’t designed for offline hookups. Meeting people offline will require disclosure of personal information, which may be harmful to the user. Other chat apps are specifically designed to meet new friends, but Omegle is just anonymous chatting and having fun.

  1. Disconnect when the other side of the chat behaves abnormally

It’s time to disconnect if a person behaves abnormally or sends unwanted spam. Omegle made the disconnection so simple by simply clicking Stop. Agreeing that you want to end the conversation, and the chat would stop. Reconnection is not a concern, as there are more than 20000 active users on Omegle every day, it should not be a difficult task to find another one to connect.

  1. Do not share social profiles

Through their social media accounts, people generally share a lot of information about themselves. This makes it unsafe for you to share social profiles with others, particularly those found on Omegle. It may result in one’s social profile being submitted to a bot and subsequently receiving annoying messages, and being hacked most of the time.

  1. Choose Text

Although it is not always necessary, it is helpful to hold the “crooked ones” out. It is advised to stick with the text version of the chatting service to avoid exposure to pornography on Omegle.

  1. Use RitaVPN

Because messages sent through the Omegle chat are not automatically encrypted, information leakage is possible. Using a reliable VPN service with powerful encryption protocols protects user information from being viewed by hackers and Internet service providers. RitaVPN is available as low as $16.99 a month or $64.99 a year. Not to mention, RitaVPN also provides other pricing plans that are designed for flexible users, such as the 1-week plan and the 6-month plan.


Omegle was designed for random online chat and having fun, not a forum for bots and cyber crooks to harass them. Following the above tips, you get a safe and good Omegle experience without fear of being hacked, abused or humiliated sexually.

RitaVPN encrypts data sent from the computer of the user and guarantees that the user is completely safe, not snooped through online criminals while using the Omegle service.

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